Hetman Museum

Aimed at the truthful coverage of the problems in the state building in Ukraine, providing unprejudiced judgment of its prominent figures, revealing specific form of government – The Cossack Hetmanate and its administartion – on March 11th 1993 by an order of The Representative of the President of Ukraine in Kyiv Hetman Museum was founded.

Hetman Museum – is a state cultural, educational and science research institution of historical profile, material and spiritual culture centre dedicated to the history and traditions of Cossack-Hetman era.


The building, where Museum is situated, is known as “Mazepa’s house”. This ancient stone house, traditional architecture for Cossack’s era, was built during reign of Hetman Ivan Mazepa at the edge of XVII – XVIII centuries. It was renovated with the help of Kiev City State Administration and Ivan Mazepa charitable foundation. An important role was played by the members of Ukrainian diaspora, the leading place among them was taken by the public figure from the USA Marian Kotz.

Before renovation, 1980th years.   Marian Kotz 1922 - 2011.

The main objective of the Museum is the preservation, completing, learning and using of historic and cultural sites of Ukraine during Cossack-hetman era and the elucidation of the problems in the state building in Ukraine.

Since its establishment, the Museum is working hard at the established goals: numerous history themed, art exhibitions, scientific conferences, discussions, public and art events are held. Periodically the meetings of the discussion club “Hetmanska vitalnia” (Hetman’s living room). On a regular basis scientific exhibitions are on. They are “Hetman Ivan Mazepa”, “We are Bohdan”, “Pylyp Orlyk – Hetman", the author of the first democratic Constitution of Ukraine”and “Pavlo Skoropadskiy and Ukrainian State of 1918”.

Nowadays Museum has more than 9000 exhibits.