One of the main areas of focus of the collection in the Museum is an outstanding personality of Ukrainian statesman Pavlo Skoropadsky – scion of the Skoropadsky family (Hetman Cossack heritage) and the last hetman of Ukraine. The time of his rule is represented by the documents and things from Skoropadsky family private collection, that were donated by hetmanivna (Hetman’s daughter) Olena Skoropadska-Ott, and also by currency notes, numerous photocopied documents as well as photos, this altogether makes the most complete collection of the history of existence of Ukrainian State (the Hetmanate, existed during 7,5 months)

The most interesting things in the Skoropadsky collection are the portraits of hetmans: B. Khmelnytsky, P. Doroshenko, P. Polubotok, I. Samoylovych, D. Apostol, I. Skoropadsky, P. Volkonsky and others. The portraits were ordered to Olga Mordvinova by Pavlo Skoropadsky in Berlin in 1920th. Besides there are personal belongings of the family: Yelyzaveta and Olena Skoropadska’s embroidered shirts and plahtas (type of wrap skirt), Danylo Skoropadsky’s smoking pipe, books, photos, postage stamps and many others items in the collection. Things donated by Vakulovsky sisters Victoria and Marianna (Philadelphia, USA) enriched the Skoropadsky collection. 

Tangible museum pieces (the things that belonged to the members of Pavlo Skoropadsky’s family) – letters, photos, Danylo Skoropadsky’s typewriter, the Bates numbering machine, a smoking pipe etc. – donated by the Head of The American Hetman Movement Liubomyr Bei from Detroit. The last notable arrival, that has to do with the Skoropadsky family are 21 items of collection (photos and Pavlo, Danylo, Oleksandra, Yelyzaveta Skoropadsky’s private letters), that on 24th November 2009 were delivered solemnly to the Museum by Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.



Інтер'єр експозиції Голова Служби Зовнішньої Розвідки України Микола Маломуж та директор музею Галина Ярова. 24 листопада 2009р.
Театральна сумочка, вишита гетьманівною Єлизаветою Кужім-Скоропадською для Галини Мельник. Подарунок Вікторії та Маріяни Вакуловських (Філадельфія, США) Сорочка гетьманівни Олени Скоропадської. Подарунок О. Скоропадської (Швейцарія)
Hetman P. Skoropadsky seal. 1920s. Donated to the Museum by O. Ott-Skoropadska in 1999.
Money of the Ukrainian State. Designed by Professor G. Narbut. 1918.
"Pavlo Skoropadsky Hetman 1918", bas-relief, bronze 58x49 cm. by German sculptor Arthur Lewin-Funcke (1866-1937).
The work was conceived in 1918 and completed in 1921.